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The best tool to repair and fix your corrupted or broken PNG images.

  • Made in Germany
  • EU GDPR compliant
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  2. Paste image URL

    Paste an image URL from your clipboard into this website. You can do this also on the image processing page.

  3. Paste Base64 Data URI

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  4. Paste image data

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Allowed file formats: PNG (max. 8 MiB)


  • Removes invalid chunks
  • Converts Apple's proprietary PNG extension (with a CgBI chunk) back to a general readable PNG
  • Discards invalid data after an IEND chunk
  • Corrects incorrectly specified IHDR chunk (width, height, color type, bit depth etc.)
  • Corrects incorrect CRC checksums
  • Extends cropped PNGs with dummy data to create a complete image again
  • Corrects wrong filter values in the IDAT chunk
  • Replaces incorrectly used CRC checksum in the Deflate stream with an ADLER32 checksum
  • … much more

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Why should I use this image repair tool?

Many other tools that try to repair corrupted PNG images use only very simple mechanisms to recover the image data, so unfortunately they often fail.

This tool tries to recover a valid image even if only the pure data section (IDAT chunk) of the image is left. The other data needed to display the image (IHDR chunk) is determined via heuristics. Even in the case of an incomplete data section, the data is adjusted in such a way that a valid image can be generated again with a large part of the recovered image data.

In this way, it is often even possible to recover image data that has been intentionally disturbed, e.g. in the context of a CTF photo forensics competition.

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