Frequently asked questions

Is there a batch function available?

As I am trying to get most out of the images it does not make much sense to me to work without a visual control mechanism as every image needs different parameters to get most out of it. So, no, at the moment there is no batch tool available.

Does a Wordpress plugin exist?

A WordPress plugin is on my todo list for a loooong time but unfortunately I can't say when it will see the light of day.

Does an offline version of COD exist?

No, sorry.

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Christoph Erdmann
Christoph Erdmann
 Bielefeld, Germany

From now on, I will no longer reply to contact mails on Compress-Or-Die in which I am insulted, accused of criminal activities or told that I should implement certain things faster and not lie around so lazily. Maybe people should remember that behind many ... (1/2)

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