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Thank you for your interest in my website, (hereinafter “the Website"). The Website is operated by Christoph Erdmann (hereinafter "me") and allows you, as a user (hereinafter "User"), to gain an overview of our know-how and services and to contact me to ask questions or place orders.

Below I provide you, as a User of the Website, with information about how I handle your personal data (this term includes your uploaded images). Should you have any questions regarding my use of your personal data, please contact me (see Section 5 below).

You are able to change your current cookie consent settings here:

1. Collection and use of personal data, disclosure of data to third parties

1.1. Users may visit this website without registration.

1.2. Except as shown above, I collect and use personal data only if provided by a User by e-mail or by using a contact form made available on the Website. "Personal data" are data that provide information about your personal affairs or circumstances (e.g., name, address, e-mail address).

1.3. Personal data will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties except with the consent of the User, unless disclosure is necessary to process your inquiries or to protect other Users, or is required by law.

1.4. The uploaded images of a user will be stored on the server for the duration of a user session. The minimum duration of a user session is 30 minutes. So 30 minutes after the last click of a user their session will be invalidated and all related image data will be deleted.

1.5. Orders and payment require a separate contract in each case.

1.6. I collect, processes and use personal and user data in compliance with Article 6 EU GDPR.

1.7. This website uses the Matomo web analytics service (formerly Piwik). Matomo (formerly Piwik) uses so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer and allow us to analyze the use of our website. For this purpose, the usage information generated by the cookie (including your truncated IP address) is transmitted to our server and stored for usage analysis purposes, which in turn serves to optimize our website. Your IP address is immediately anonymized during this process so that you as a user remain anonymous to us. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website will not be disclosed to third parties. You may prevent the use of cookies by changing the relevant settings in your browser. Please be advised, however, that in this case you may no longer be able to use the full functionality of this website. For more information, please go to:

2. Processing and deletion of personal data

I will delete personal data as required by law or promptly upon a request from the User, unless inconsistent with applicable legal record-keeping obligations.

3. Data protection

I will at all times make reasonable efforts to prevent any unauthorized access of the User's personal data as well as any unauthorized use or falsification of such data, and to minimize related risks. However, making available personal data, whether in person, by telephone or online, is always associated with certain risks, and no technological system is completely immune to manipulation or sabotage.

4. Modifications and changes

I may at any time modify this Data Protection Policy without notice, make changes to the content of the Website, or change or block access to this Website.

5. Questions about data protection

Users may at any time contact me and request that their personal data be corrected, blocked or deleted. In addition, I will provide Users at any time upon request with information about which of their data have been stored, where such data originated and by whom such data were received, and for which purpose the data are stored.


Christoph Erdmann

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