The Image Compression Tool Comparison - Feature table

VersionsTypesInput file formatsUpload limitSecured (TLS/SSL)Bulk uploadColor space conversionWhite space trimmingResizingSelective blurSeparated luminance & chrominanceChroma subsampling settingsEXIF auto-rotationSelective qualityQuantization tablesMetadata removalKeep metadataAlpha channel supportPreview
TinyPNG, TinyJPG
voormedia (Netherlands)
Adobe Photoshop plugin (paid)
API (free up to 500 images)
Wordpress plugin
Magento plugin
Input field
Drag and drop
Photoshop plugin
JPEG20 images, 5MB each
Stephane Lyver (Havas worldwide, Australia)
WebinterfaceInput field
Drag and drop
JPEG1 image, 10 MB
Mediafox Marketing s.r.o. (Czech Republic)
WebinterfaceInput field
Drag and drop
JPEG20 images
Beamr Imaging Ltd (Israel)
Adobe Photoshop plugin
AdobeLightroom plugin
Mac (paid)
Win (paid)
Server (paid)
Input field
Drag and drop
JPEG1 image, 128 Megapixels
Nekkra UG (Germany)
API (paid)
Wordpress plugin (paid)
Magento plugin (paid)
Input field
Drag & Drop
Import from Dropbox
Import from Google Drive
Import from Box
Zip Upload (paid)
JPEG1 image, 1 MB
Unknown (paid)

Christoph Erdmann (Germany)
Adobe Photoshop plugin
Input field
Drag and drop
URL pasteing
image pasteing
Photoshop plugin
1 image, 16 MB


Christoph Erdmann

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Christoph Erdmann
Image compression with AI

Wow! Google researchers have now proposed a new method that combines a standard autoencoder with a diffusion process to recover and add fine details discarded by the autoencoder. Interesting to see the possibilities AI opens up when compressing images.

How Should We Store AI Images? Google Researchers Propose an Image Compression Method Using Score-based Generative Models - MarkTechPost
MarkTechPostA year ago, generating realistic images with AI was a dream. We were impressed by seeing generated faces that resemble real ones, despite the majority of outputs having three eyes, two noses, etc. However, things changed quite rapidly with the release of diffusion models. Nowadays, it is difficult to distinguish an AI-generated image from a […]

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