OBJ Compressor

The support of the OBJ compressor will be discontinued on 2019-07-01.
Please use the Draco compressor from Google in the future, which provides much better compression rates. Its generated files can also be loaded via three.js.

If you have ever used OBJ 3D files in a three.js environment you will know that they are unbelievable large in file size. This tool will help you to compress your OBJ files to the smallest filesize possible. I have also developed a new 3D file format (OBJMini) which pushes the OBJ minification to the next level. Just select the format in the settings to get the OBM file and the three.js loader file.

  • State-Of-The-Art OBJ compressor
  • Granular settings for lossy OBJs
  • Removes comments
  • Keeps your groups and objects
  • Support for OBJMini output
  • OBJMini optimized for DEFLATE algorithm (used in gzip and ZIP)

Upload possibilities

  1. Select a file by clicking here
  2. Drag your OBJ file onto this website.
    You can do this anytime.
  3. Paste an OBJ URL from your clipboard into this website.
    You can do this also on the process page. Does work in Chrome, Firefox, IE Edge. In Firefox you have to click onto the webpage before.
Allowed file formats: OBJ (max. 16 MiB)


Christoph Erdmann
Christoph Erdmann
 Bielefeld, Germany

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