Image compression
to the max!

Compress-Or-Die is designed for supporting your creation of banners or ads where you have to squeeze out the last byte of your images. But you can use it of course for all your images. It’s as simple as that, try it now! It’s free to use.


The Photoshop JSX-Script now also works on Mac OS X.
Fixed the broken feedback form.
The auto-rotation of JPG input files is now lossless.
Added the article "Finally understanding PNG". Learn about PNG compression in simple words and find out how to outwit the PNG compression algorithm to gain more quality at lower file sizes.
Fixed a bug with the HTML code of a transparent JPG that sometimes broke the image if it came from cache. Thanks, Nina.

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That's me

Christoph Erdmann
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Hi! I’m Christoph, working as a programmer/developer for the MINISTRY Group in Hamburg/Germany.

Since I was building an advertising tool, I had to learn a lot about image file formats and compression.

This tool is some kind of a by-product and turned out to be my sweet little baby. So have fun using it! I hope it will help you as much as it does for me.

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